I could pretend to write a very intellectually artsy intro…all I know is…from the moment I know that I am returning to Venice, until hopping aboard the wooden deep throated gurgling motor launch lazily complying with the no wake signs along the narrow twisting wood pylon lined channel pointing to that yellow haze in the distance, which slowly disintegrates, along with all my collective memories of the place, curiously at the same rate that Venice solidly rises out of the sea before my eyes – it is absolutely necessary I should be in Venice then and there …. sure I have been here before…and to freshly gaze upon it, all anew, losing myself here for the first time all over again, the constant struggle each time is the letting go of the at-home familiarity after a dozen painting trips, after spending over a year painting in Venice. It is an easy task, simply because I adore la Serinissima, have fallen deeply, desperately, in love with it. The paintings here are my ongoing exploration of my favourite city rising out of the sea, are my experience on paper of “Venice” within Venice, as it opens up to me time and again.