A natural sense of composition & design; Intangibles. Paint the essence of a place; an ability that just came naturally to me; after a lot of work; existential intangibles. I have said that I can sit by the water’s edge for days and not feel the need to move; unmoveable intangibles.   Wendy & I would sit there and the place would open up to us;  lost particular moments in time; representing-the-whole-intangibles. We explored the Caribbean through paper; painted as much the continuity from island to island as we did of differences betwen them: creative intangibles.

Explored the supporting relationships of heat and humidity to all those crazy strong colours we found there; surface-interaction -inventive-intangibles.  

  How uppermost simple – the blue of the sky and the blue of the water dividied by a mere horizon line; balanced-belief-intangibles.

We painted light, atmosphere, the transparency of water; romantic intangibles.  Things that you cannot paint directly – things the paintings only express the effects of; energy-in-the-work-intangibles. Found light irresistable; spiritual intangibles.  Painted it the way we found it and the way it found us; open-ended-intangibles. The joyful and continuous response to the work by others, not only gave us contemporality, but also let us know we were not alone in how we felt about the world; shared-intangibles. Exploring through paint became our connection to the world; running-away-intangibles. Lost and found the outlines where I, where we, end, and the the rest of the world begins; black-hole-intangibles. Found ourselves at home wherever we stopped; cancelled-nomad-status-intangibles. Pretty strange considering I don’t, never have in fact, fit in with mainstream society, which begs the question just whose essence was I painting? contemporary-life-intangibles.

 “The sea, the sky, all blues.”                                                                                                                                                             A line from Miles Davis’ tune “All Blues”.                                                                                                                       The blue of the sea and the blue of the sky divided by that thinnest of lines, the horizon; the most constant and taken for granted everyday visual of not only the Tropics but also the Cyclades.  Funny odd, it is the thing we love the most and have painted the least – if ever.

Heat, Humidity & Colour contain in two separate pages, available work from across the Caribbean and the Cyclades. To purchase any and all of the work please contact us at [email protected]