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Spring, summer and fall are wonderful. And the birth to death of the seasons cycle, a tad linear in its plodding progression, does lead us to winter. Winter, takes my breath away. Chaotic, unpredictable, repeatedly trying to overwhelmingly please by dressing up all night in white to show off come magical morning.

“As you know, I love your gesso paintings – they are joyously colourful, animated with light. You have always been a master of water, but your new works, as meticulous as ever, are brighter and more exuberant. At the same time they are profoundly contemplative and quiet. This paradox intrigues me, and renders your work captivating. They may feel so alive because they capture light in a way that plays with the moment, and then slightly differently the next moment and changed again, the moment after that. So they are continuously fresh and vibrant.”   Caroline Rennie – Switzerland

Zarowsky’s shared experience is what opens up on these webpages; his ability to lose one’s edges, to become one with nature, as evidenced by his natural gift of, ability for, natural, original, unique composition expressed thru painting offers up and places one in contact with a much needed rediscovery of Canadian wilderness, direct /immediate, not seen since the early days of Tom Thomson and a natural progression from Thomson’s works.

the winter paintings source a number of ongoing snowshoe wanderings thru out stretches of snowbelt snowsquall southwood road which runs between hwy 11 at severn river to bala at the other end; others are from snowshoeing off several of the trunk trails (especially along 12 mile bay rd. running from hwy 400 to the marina) along the georgian bay; trails off hwy 35 around margaret lake / sherborne lake / dorset to algonquin pk continue to offer new ideas varying with the yearly snowfalls. we often set out middle of the night to greet overnight snowfalls as the morning sun brings them to light; as often as not we find ourselves distracted by the beauty of winter along the way and end up working  areas / places we never considered before venturing out.

blue streamers reaching across the length of the day, south wood road forest 20″ x 40″  watercolour / acrylic on panel


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